Gamers Doubling Down on Online Casinos

The Origin of Online Casinos

Online casinos have been around since the early days of the internet, and unsurprisingly, there was an eager audience ready to wager at them from the very beginning. Intercasino is widely considered to be the first legally established casino, in 1995 and is still in operation to this day. In just a few short years after the Free Trade & Processing Act was established for the regulation of online casinos, there were more than 100 such outfits with revenues approaching $1 billion.

One of the biggest early challenges for online casinos was overcoming the stigma of general distrust that surrounded them, and it's true that some casinos have been considered "rogue", refusing to pay legitimate winnings, while others have been found to cheat and not offer fair or advertised odds to their players. These online casinos are quickly outed by the online community however and don't survive for long. The legality of online casinos has also been a challenge to overcome for players from some countries, with the U.S having particularly stringent laws against online gambling.

With the online casino market becoming over-saturated, some companies have attempted to stand out from the pack by offering a new kind of online casino experience. One of the most notable of these are the new breed of 3D casinos that have sprung up like PKR and 3D Casino, allowing players to virtually walk around the casino floor in 3D and play games the same way. Many online casinos have also begun to bring their services to mobile audiences, a rapidly growing demographic of internet users.

Innovation in Games

That push for innovation also extends to the software producers themselves such as Microgaming, IGT, and Playtech, which have had to get ever more creative in the games they deliver. With hundreds of different online slots games now available, companies have been all but forced to get creative in the bonus games and experiences they offer players. This has led to some great innovations in video slots like Thunderstruck, and some of the most popular online slots have made their way into real world casinos as a result. It's also become important for developers to catch lightning in a bottle while they can, and makes games based on popular licenses that will appeal to their audiences. Some of the more notable video slots machines have been based on licenses like Tomb Raider, Monopoly, Iron Man, Batman, The X Factor, The Pink Panther, Spider-Man, and many more.

It's likely these trends will continue as branding and innovation become more and more vital to making a new game stand out amongst its peers.

Find an Online Casino to Play

Finding an online casino to play at is easy, finding a good one could often prove to be more of a challenge. We've put together a short list of websites below that provide reviews and other information that we believe can better assist occasional gamers with which online casinos they might like to try playing.

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