Mobile Gambling - Gambling on the Go

As more and more people access the internet in ever greater quantities of time from their mobile devices, it's natural that they transplant many of their online endeavours from the desktop to their mobile. For many people this includes playing at online casinos, which is well suited to filling the short bursts of time that people spend on their mobile devices.

Online casinos have been quick to tap into this market, making as many offerings from their selection of games available as possible. They've also been eager to promote their mobile packages, even offering gamers incentives that go beyond their typical bonus offers. These often include free spins at their mobile casino, and enhanced deposit bonuses for mobile players. Recognizing the importance of getting their mobile app on as many devices as possible before market saturation sets in, they're pulling out their best offers to try and make it happen. And it's no wonder really; Juniper Research expect the mobile gambling sector to worth $100 billion in just a few short years.

Another promising development in mobile gaming is the trend towards social, multiplayer games. It's only in the last few years that multi-player games like roulette and blackjack have become available at online casinos, and the push is on to incorporate that element into their mobile casino offerings as well.

It's not only traditional mobile devices that are being targetted however. Online casinos and game developers are already taking aim at the next wave of mobile devices, smartwatches. At the 2014 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, premier online gaming developer Microgaming showed off a Batman-themed slots game as well as a version of roulette that could both be played via a smartwatch. Videos of the slot game in action showed impressive resolution, animations, and videos, with the action being controlled on the screen (in this case the face of the watch) by touch. While it was not specified, it will undoubtedly be possible for the games to be played for real money eventually, though a provider would have to step forward to set up the infrastructure for that, which surely won't take long with smartwatches on the cusp of mass release.

It appears that online casino lovers will continue to have more and more options available as to what games they can play on their mobile devices. Coupled with the convenience of mobile play and the generous bonuses being offered by mobile casinos, mobile devices are likely to become the preferred way to play at online casinos in the future.

Players interested in engaging in mobile online casino play on their mobile and tablet devices may like to visit a website dedicated to providing information about mobile gambling for players from Australia and New Zealand.

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